Teng group adhere to brand strategy,insist on advacing with the Times,build a standardized system,constantly improve the management level and comprehensive strength,always walk in the tip of the handan habitat,keep on the development and construction of "green,low carbon,environmental protection and engrey saving" high-quality residential products.



  Wan teng group adhere to the concept of customer satisfaction,set up its own property management conpany,has been in handan cabin's leading property management conpany,at the same time,group planning future customer club-zhiqiang,client relations and customer service complete customer relationship system,enterprises increasingly.



  Employees,is the foundation of enterprise development,outstanding staff is enterprise's pillar and wealth.Wan teng group has been sticking to Germany as talent selection criteria,pay attention to the cultural care,emotional connection of staff,with advanced management concept and enterprise culture to create space for the growth of the employees,wan teng always will be "people-oriented" as the core enterprise management ,the management spirit of choose and employ persons to rally the emplyees,highlight the humanistic care concept to guide the real estate product development trend,to build harmonious enterprise,creating a beautiful new home.



  At the same time of rapid development,wan teng group don't forget to return society,always keep on social public welfare undertakings,have the courage to bear the social responsibility. In many disaster relief activities give an own strength,physically, take concrete actions to practice of social responsibility "repay society with virtue".




  Wan teng group has created the beauty of the city life,on which more awaken the eternal vitality of youth.for it ,to build a prosperous cities,create a peaceful living environment,is no longer the extemal stimulation,but the inner necessity.After years of market fight.teng group in continuously casting quality products,create a wonderful life also has its own development philosophy and culture,and culture into products,endowed with life and to the products more added value.

  Wan teng group in developing progress unceasingly ,found the gap and shortage in the progress,and constantly inprove and upgrade.Believe that the future of teng is open and bright,teng,one hundred built to last vision will be realized ,building high-quality goods still grows on this land,wan teng group still running against the morning sun direction.